Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blessing Day :'''')

Today was a really great-great-great dayy eveeer! I looove this day :D

The first thing is, my mid semester report isn't as bad as I thought before, somehow therra a bunch of bad score, buuut it could been replaced by my amazing math score. Yes, i've got 100 in my math! Yeaaay i'm so excited! For the first time,finally, i could experience how it feels getting a perfect score in math lesson! Oh God thank you so much, i feel blessed :''')

The second is, i've got the highest score in LIA assignment! Awwwr. Although i'm not really sure with my answer, once again, like a magical spelled, i could answer 6 problems correctly in total 7 problems. Cool, isn't it? Hahaha.

The third is, my LIA teacher gimme last term final test report. I have no idea how bad the score was, because honestly, last term was my very-very bad written test ever. I couldn't answer the problems surely zzz, its very difficult! And, when i open up the report, i was surprising, my score isn't bad, or let say, its HELLA GOOD! I've got 3.9 for daily performanced, 4.0 for oral test, 4.1 for written test and 4.0 for the final score. Fyi in LIA the perfect score is when you get 5.0 in your report. Sooo 4.0 is so closee to that perfect score hehehe. 4.0-4.5 score was categorized in VERY GOOD! That's terribly fantastic!

The fourth is, my teacher in LIA called me to go outside the class and had a conversation on me. What is the conversation about? Ehem, its a secreeeeet anywayy! Hahaha, its soo surprising and i'm totally exciting about this one hehe. I'll tell you later :D

Hahaha oh God i'm totally happy today! I couldn't expect more than this hehehe. Thanks God :'''')


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